The essential stoma bag accompaniment

ConfiPlus® simply and effectively addresses the common problem of stoma bag leakage. By containing leaks, it restores confidence and helps with associated problems by absorbing the leak away from the skin.

Stomas are commonplace

In the UK, a stoma is created every 39 minutes* and that number is growing each year, the ConfiPlus® will work with a colostomy, an ileostomy or urostomy and fits all bags.

*Data from Colostomy UK

Stoma bags can leak

Anyone with a stoma knows their bag can leak, and at some point probably will, causing embarrassment and anxiety.  In healthcare environments like hospitals and care homes leaks lead to extra costs, from staff time to additional laundry costs. Leaks can lead to cross contamination and can seriously affect patient wellbeing.

ConfiPlus can help

ConfiPlus® is a simple, effective accompaniment to any stoma bag. Easy to apply, ConfiPlus® contains any leaks that occur providing peace of mind to ostomates along with cost savings to professionals.