The essential stoma bag accompaniment

ConfiPlus® deals simply and effectively with the common problem of stoma bag leakage by containing leaks through absorption, it can also help with skin issues (faecal and mechanical dermatitis). ConfiPlus® reduces cross contamination in patient care environments and delivers considerable savings in staff costs and laundry.

How it works

ConfiPlus® is easy to apply. It fits between the wafer (flange) and the bag safely containing any leaks that occur. It’s just as simple to remove when used.

The facts

Using medical grade adhesive and a soft foam to absorb leakage, the ConfiPlus® is very gentle on the skin surrounding the stoma and can also help by drawing the output into the ConfiPlus® away from the skin, helping to avoid faecal and mechanical dermatitis.

ConfiPlus® is a patented class 1 medical device, registered with the MHRA and has a CE mark.

By containing any output from the stoma bag, ConfiPlus® can prevent cross contamination from faecal matter/digestive juices leaking into wounds. Additionally, by giving the patient confidence to change their bags and deal with leaks if they occur on their own terms, rather than soiled clothes and bedsheets, the ConfiPlus® can assist in helping the patient be discharged when they’re ready to go home.

ConfiPlus® has been designed to fit all types of bags, one piece closed, one piece drainable or two piece bags with ease.

Our aim

ConfiPlus® has transformed the lives of ostomates since its introduction in December 2020.  It is MHRA registered and has the CE mark, for quality and compliance. Our aim is to make it accessible to all stakeholders who are involved with the lives of ostomates, making their stoma easier to live with.

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We’re proud to partner with Houlihan Pharmacy, who are a family owned small chain of NHS Community Pharmacies in Glasgow, based in Arden, Darnley, Milton, Mount Florida, Partick, Possilpark and Riddrie.

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